Arrive where the living experience begins

Our customers live in the communities we create, they own the buildings they entrust to us, and they create the environment that underpins why we are all here.

Arrival  offers a collective 40+ years of student accommodation operational experience retained by the Senior Management Team. Our combined knowledge, skills and reputation provide our customers with a class leading, full spectrum operating service.

An Independent, Full-Service  Accommodation Operator

The Arrival operational model is the collective sum of 40+ years of property management experience.

The team have managed properties of all shapes and sizes, from 60 bed boutique accommodation, to 500 bed low-set garden style accommodation, to 1,000+ bed multi-tower accommodation.

Our experience extends to providing operational insight and advice into the design and overall feasibility of new accommodation developments. We also provide our clients with development management services, and project management services for refurbishment projects.

The Arrival team are experienced in all facets of operations, including:

sales and marketing

managing residential agreements

customer service

critical incident response

managing retail tenancies

safety and risk management

facilities and asset management

contractor management

mobilisation of new projects

community events

finance and accounting

owner relationship management

Our property management history, explained by numbers

The Arrival Difference

Arrival offers a fresh approach to operational real estate – agile and innovative to meet the ever-changing needs of our customer base and stakeholders. Our business strategy is unashamedly customer focused – we work for and with our customers to deliver the best possible customer experience. 

Our mission is clear: 

“Deliver the best experience today, that will be remembered forever; be different, innovative and improve on what we do now, so that tomorrow is exciting.”